March, 2019


It is the intent of the Deer Springs Fire Safe Council to chip vegetation deemed to be a fire hazard within the defensible space area, as defined in the District ordinance. Further, the property owner agrees to participate in the District Vegetation Chipping Program (DVCP) and has previously harvested vegetation, stacked it in an orderly fashion in multiple piles approximately 3' wide by 3' high with the heavy ends all pointing the same direction and has made it accessible on or near a paved roadway.  Neither the DSFSC nor its contractor will haul harvested vegetation beyond 15 feet to the chipper, nor will it reduce the size of vegetation to fit in to the chipper.  Large material must be trimmed or limbed.  The resulting chips will be left in piles on site as directed by the property owner.


The following materials are a partial list of what the DSFSC will not chip for the property owner under this program:

·         Hardwood trees trunks or shrub trunks larger than 4” in diameter.

·        Softwood trees trunks or shrub trunks larger than 6” in diameter.

·         Pieces of vegetation or trees over 6 feet in length.

·         All fibrous vegetation including but not limited to palm trees, pampas grass, palm fronds, fountain grass, bamboo, arundo, all cactus, yucca, agave, etc.

·        Poison oak or other vegetation which is considered to be a chemical hazard.

·         Roots or any trunk with roots attached or material coated with dirt or rocks.

·         Piles of leaves, twigs or debris that may contain dirt or rocks.

·         Trees or trimmings from a commercial enterprise or orchard unless preapproved by the DSFSC.

·         Gardening or ornamental clippings unless preapproved by the DSFSC.

·         Any construction wood and materials.

·        Vegetation transported onto the owner’s property from outside of the District.

·         Vegetation or tree “canopies” larger than 3 feet across. Trees must be limbed to fit in to the chipper.

·        Any plant, tree, shrub or vegetation that is deemed to be a mechanical or safety hazard to the chipper or to the chipping crew.

·        Harvested vegetation that is over 6 months old.


The DSFSC reserves the right to refuse to chip any vegetation or materials. This list may not be the entire list of materials and vegetation we will not chip.  If you have questions, please check with DSFSC. The decision to chip or not to chip vegetation will be made by the DSFSC and the Equipment Leader on site in their sole discretion.  Chipping and disposal of any and all vegetation not chipped by this program will be the responsibility of the property owner.


The property owner should coordinate the harvesting of vegetation to be within one or two weeks of the scheduled DVCP. This will help prevent the creation of a fire hazard consisting of cut and dried vegetation next to roadways.


The DSFSC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit all-volunteer based entity which accepts tax deductible donations to be used to continue community education programs.  While the Council doesn’t expect to recover all of the costs, one day of chipping equates to several hundred dollars. Thank you for your consideration.



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